RingerSwitch Basic

RingerSwitch Basic 1.7.3

Tool for alerting you when silent mode is activated on your Treo 600


  • Automatically checks if running in silent mode


  • No options to speak of

Not bad

How many times have you visited a library, cinema or the home of someone with sensitive ears and forgot to switch your phone off silent when you leave?

Probably a lot if you're anything like me. Now you can make sure you never forget to turn the ringer back on thanks to this nifty little program.

RingerSwitch Basic is designed to alert you, through a series of periodic vibrations, that you're Treo 600/650 is on silent.

The program is so easy it could probably be operated by a retarded monkey with one eye.

You simply install RingerSwitch and it automatically starts monitoring 'silent mode', alerting you as to when this function is turned on.

That's about it really.

RingerSwitch Basic gives is designed to alert you as to when the Treo Ringer Switch turns to off. This simple application can remind you that the Treo smartphone is muted by using an blinking attention icon.

RingerSwitch Basic


RingerSwitch Basic 1.7.3

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